The Best Desktop Vaporizer Of All Times: The Herbalizer Vs The Volcano Digital

Throughout the history, science and technology had always served as a key factor that granted us the ability to break through our limits. Whether on business and manufacturing or innovations in the areas such as medicine, agriculture, engineering or even entertainment. Achieving what we believed before that we originally thought was an impossible feat and proving to the world that it is indeed possible. That’s all thanks to science and the geniuses behind it who had changed our perspectives of the unknown! Pretty much in almost anything science and technology contributed a lot to different aspects of our lives. And same applies to the development of vaporizers throughout these past decades. 

Now, enough with the formality, today we will talk about “The Best Desktop Vaporizer of All Times: The Herbalizer Vs The Volcano Digital” which among the two vaporizers stands out more? We will be discussing these two vaporizers, what makes them unique, their common traits and differences, and so on. Most importantly, if you are planning to settle with a desktop vaporizer for life, I assure you guys, this article will help you make up your mind. 

Without any fuss let’s start. 


Desktop Dilemma 

The Herbalizer and The Volcano Digital are, well, like all of you guys already know, are desktop type vaporizers. Yes, they are at the peak of all vaporizers for the sole reason that these models can give the best performance ever. The only downfall for desktop type is portability. We can all agree to this. But the main point of this article is which is the best between these two vaporizers. First, let’s break down things here. I know that some of you guys are, if not veterans or vape enthusiasts that spent years and years of time for this hobby because, well, it’s just for the love of smoking cannabis. There are also newbies in the community reading this article for the reason of learning more about the product that they should purchase. If you belong to the latter, then today is your lucky day. 


The Herbalizer 

The Herbalizer, also known as “the Herbie” was designed by two (2) former NASA engineers and it took a time span of four (4) years of research to accomplish the feat of creating an advanced desktop multi-function vaporizer. It even cost a million bucks just to develop this device, can you imagine that?! The Herbalizer, “Herbie” comes with a futuristic look! Basically, it has an egg-like shape, similar to those futuristic space shuttle that you had always seen in every sci-fi movies you had watched. And if you are planning to give this product a try, you don’t have to worry about the accessories at all, it’s all set!  

How does it work? The source of heating for this device relies on the halogen bulb built within it, about 300 watts of energy is being used in the process of with ultra-fast temperature sensor that supplies fast heating time! The heating time is about 15 seconds, this means less waiting time. The creator of this device also had used a microcomputer. Basically, the microcomputer controls the temperature, not going too hot nor cooling down. This gives users of “Herbie” especially, newbies, an ease of mind on controlling the temperature to their own preference.   

Now, guys, the Herbie has two (2) modes. Aromatherapy mode, where the device diffuses the essential oil into the air, giving off a relaxing feeling to users. And Vaportherapy mode, vaporizing your preferred aroma blend and inhaling it through a balloon, a whip tube, or maybe a glass attachment. You choose, but for me, the using balloon or whip tube is probably the best and easiest way to do. By the way, glass attachments are sold separately for this device, so manage your expectations guys. Operating it is also a piece of cake because after all, it’s a smart device, obviously, it is user-friendly. The “Herbie” offers Color LCD with Touch Screen as the user interface, just like I said, operating and setting it is just a piece of cake!  

Now that was The Herbalizer “Herbie” for you folks, indeed it is worthy of its fame. Next, let’s talk about The Volcano Digital!  


The Volcano Digital  

The Volcano Vaporizers, on the other hand, is also popular and can hold its’ own candle within the ranks of desktop vaporizers in the market. Well, in fact, it’s one of the best desktop vaporizers with high qualities that was ever manufactured since vaporizers trampled the land and created storms of commotions in the vaping community. Storz and Bickel, the manufacturers of The Volcano had a long history and has been on the market for decades now! Throughout the years, the constant development of their products resulted in their triumph in the present. And that triumph is what the Volcano Digital symbolizes.

The Volcano Digital is basically an upgrade of the Volcano Classic. It is a newer and better version, offers awesome features and more. Though both have slight differences and they look pretty much the same in appearance but the performance and experience it offers far surpass the classic model. Like the Herbie, the volcano digital also has a large LCD screen that serves as the user interface, which shows you all the information. For instance, like the preset temperature, how to adjust the current temperature and more. Adjusting the temperature is made easy in the volcano digital model since it is touch screen based and unlike the classic model that uses a valve. And one of the awesome things about the volcano digital model is it has an auto-shutdown mechanism, which the classic model does not offer.

The Volcano Digital compared to the classic model provides more accuracy when it comes to setting the temperature. This is made possible thanks to the built-in digital temperature control that shows and helps users in adjusting the temperature to their desired preference. It displays real-time temperature that ranges from 104 up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you numerous amount of heating options. I’m pretty much sure that whether you like robust draws, or just smooth hits, or maybe rich and flavorful inhales? Not a problem at all! The volcano digital model also offers an easy use valve that is connected to the balloon bag, the only thing left to do is slip it over on the vapor outlet, fill it with vapor, and enjoy! The convection heating is also something that gave us high hopes towards this device. Imagine, rather heating your flower against the hot surface of the chamber, what this device does is convection heating. Providing users better-tasting vapor than conduction heating does.


Similarities Between The Herbalizer and The Volcano Digital 

  • Both provide balloon-style vaping experience.
  • Both products have excellent vapor quality but it may vary from temperature ranges
  • Easy to operate even for newbies, this is because both are smart devices with built-in microcomputers.
  • Both are expensive, so if you are planning to buy either one of these, just expect to burn some cash.

Now, as expected it’s a neck and neck battle between the two.


Differences Between The Herbalizer and the Volcano Digital  

  • The Herbalizer is a multi-functional desktop vaporizer, meaning you can use any kind of concentrate you want! While the volcano digital can only be loaded with herb or wax concentrate.
  • Both vaporizers may offer the same balloon-style vaping experience but the Herbalizer can be used with whip tube or a glass attachment. That means, more options to enjoy the Herbalizer rather than the volcano digital.
  • The herb chamber is another thing, The Volcano Digital has larger and wider chamber compared to The Herbalizer.
  • Variations of vapor quality. The Herbalizer provides exemplary vapor across its entire temperature range compared to The Volcano Digital, above 380 degrees Fahrenheit and you will notice a difference.
  • Portability, in terms of traveling or carrying it with you, The Herbalizer outmatched The Volcano Digital.

Both products, The Herbalizer and The Volcano Digital are high-quality desktop vaporizers, it’s even in the list of the best desktop vaporizers of all time!